Web Templates

Buffalo State uses the Drupal content management system (CMS) to house the main site, key custom subsites, academic department sites, and administrative office sites. The CMS includes campus-wide access to unique websites designed specifically for academic departments and programs and administrative offices. Use of the university's web template system is required for all official Buffalo State sites.

Required Elements for Templates

A Marketing and Communications Office–approved design or template that resides in Buffalo State’s official installation of Drupal content management system (CMS) must include the following:

  • The official Buffalo State logo linked to suny.buffalostate.edu featured in the upper-left corner of every page of the site (a component of an official Buffalo State web page header and footer).
  • Official Buffalo State web colors.
  • Official fonts that follow prescribed sizing and color guidelines.

Site Content

Content Accuracy

Sites must have accurate information overall that adheres to the university's editorial style and includes the following:

  • Appropriate, current content designed for target audiences. 
  • Current program and course information as reflected in the university's online catalogs.
  • Current personnel listings as reflected in the Human Resource Management database.

Adherence to Web Policy

Content must not violate state or federal law or any university policy; feature obscene, harassing, or discriminatory content; or contain any other inappropriate information.

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Site Maintenance

Primary Web Contacts (PWC)
Sites must appoint a PWC to maintain site content and coordinate updates in conjunction with Marketing and Communications Office.

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