Official Logos, Colors and Fonts

Buffalo State logos, color palettes, and fonts combine to create a distinct visual identity for the institution resulting in a consistent look that strengthens the image of the institution.

Official Logos

The Buffalo State logo is available in several orientations and official colors for use by the entire campus. Downloads (.zip files) contain all iterations of available logos in a variety of file formats. Because of differences in individual computer monitor and printer settings, colors may look slightly different on screen or in print. The files available for download include the official Buffalo State colors and should not be altered in any way.

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Collage of print logos

Print Logos

Print logos can easily be enlarged or reduced in size and still maintain their legibility.

Download print logos

Web logos

Web Logos

Web-ready logos are for electronic use only.

Download web logos

Specialty Logos

Collage of creative theme logos

Creative Theme

Add our creative theme to your events, activities, programs, and promotional items. All iterations of creative theme logos, including email signatures, are available in the .zip file (JPG, PNG, and EPS). 

About the creative theme

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Athletics logo


The official Intercollegiate Athletics logos, Bengal mascot, and any associated marks are trademarked symbols. Only official logos and logotypes bearing the trademark symbol are to be used on merchandise.

Athletics logo official usage

Official seal

Official Seal

The seal is reserved for official documents and presidential communications only. Use of the seal requires approval from the President’s Office. Exception: Marketing material aimed at international audiences, the purpose of which may require use of the official seal. 

Contact the President’s Office

Official Colors

Buffalo State's official colors are key components of the visual identity program and should be used in all printed material and all web pages produced by departments at Buffalo State. Consistent use and careful matching are essential in establishing and maintaining a unified image. 

Print colors

Print Colors

All vendors must use Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors. Pantone colors should be used when printing stationery items. When a Pantone color is not available, use the CMYK mix. This palette is only for printed products. 


  • Primary: Burnt orange, PMS 159
  • Secondary: Purple, PMS 668
  • Tertiary: Warm gray, PMS 452
  • Tertiary: Cool gray, PMS Cool Gray 9 (required use within the official crest mark)

NOTE: Buffalo State’s Intercollegiate Athletics program uses PMS 158 (orange) and black as its official colors for NCAA Division III. 

Web colors

Web Colors

Web colors are for electronic use only. In order to preserve ADA-compliance online, the print palette is not to be used for digitial products.

Primary: Burnt orange, #BB5B02
Secondary: Bright orange, #E37701    
Tertiary: Gold, #FF9933
Tertiary and Text: Black, #000000

Official Fonts

Consistent use of Buffalo State’s official fonts is integral to the success of the visual identity program. Official fonts should be used in all print and web page products by departments at Buffalo State.

Print Fonts

Serif: Garamond
Sans Serif: Brandon Grotesque

Microsoft Word Font Substitutes*
Standard Microsoft Office systems substitutions are acceptable:
Serif: Garamond, Times New Roman
Sans Serif: Arial, Helvetica 

*Please request official typefaces when working with commercial printing companies and design firms.

Web Fonts

Sans serif typefaces such as Arial or Helvetica are used to display running text on the web and should be used on all official pages. 

  • Text must be large enough to be readable
  • Black text on a white background is the official combination
  • All official Buffalo State web pages include readable, browser-safe fonts