Official Logo Policy

The Buffalo State logo is the foundational element for the institution’s visual identity program and is available for general campus use. The iconic Rockwell Hall clock tower is the focal point of the Buffalo State crest. The official Buffalo State logo is available for use by the entire campus. 

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Wrong logo usage

Unauthorized Logo Usage

Official Buffalo State crest marks may not be altered in any way and should always be used in its original proportions and configurations. 

  • The logo must always be used as a complete image. 
  • Customization of the official Buffalo State crest mark is not permitted.
  • Do not separate the graphic elements from the text elements. 
  • Alterations—narrowing, heightening, widening, lengthening the logo are strictly prohibited. 
  • No ornamentation or words may be added or deleted.
  • Unauthorized logos found on official Buffalo State websites or social media presences will be removed.

Specialty Logos

The Marketing and Communications Office reserves the right to create and use specialized icons and logos for specific marketing campaigns and purposes. These icons and logos are restricted for use by the Marketing and Communications Office only.

Questions about logo policy? 
Contact Matthew Heidt, assistant vice president
Phone: 716-878-4201

Outside Entity Use

The Buffalo State name, official crest marks, and logos may not be used by any entity outside of the institution or any department within the university for commercial or promotional advertising purposes, or in any manner that states or implies an endorsement, without prior written approval from the institution. Approval is granted on a case-by-case basis. 

The university name/marks/logos may not be used to endorse or promote a private group or business unless authorized by a sponsorship agreement with Buffalo State. 

Need more information? 
Contact the Trademark Licensing Office

Merchandise Policy

Only official crest marks bearing the trademark symbol are to be used on merchandise such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, or other products. This applies to products purchased by Buffalo State or by any auxiliary or ancillary organization of the university, whether those products are produced for use by the institution or for retail sale. 

Buffalo State faculty and staff wishing to order merchandise must work with the Finance and Management Office to ensure that they are working with a licensed vendor.

Questions about trademark licensing or the appropriate use of Buffalo State colors and crest marks for merchandise:
Contact Bonnie Heim, director of non-contract procurement.
Phone: 716-878-5504