Social Media Procedures

The Marketing and Communications Office is here to help you with getting your social media account(s) off the ground, from approval to strategy to site reviews.

Account Approval and Registration

All approved accounts are automatically registered with Marketing and Communications for inclusion in the Social Media Directory and can begin the setup process.

New Accounts

New social media accounts at the school, department, program, or office level must be:

  • Approved and registered with the Marketing and Communications Office. 
  • Approved by the respective governing member of the President’s Cabinet under his/her area.

Existing Accounts

Existing Buffalo State–affiliated accounts are also required to register with Marketing and Communications and establish a social media strategy for the account.

Social Media Strategy

All registered social media accounts should have and maintain a social media strategy to drive the content, analysis, and measurement of success for the area’s presence. Please refer to the Social Media Strategy Guide for assistance.

Submitting Your Strategy

Users must submit a social media strategy, including a list of administrators who will be responsible for maintaining the accounts to Marketing and Communications for review.

Social Media Strategy Guide

Submit your strategy


For All Sites

Maintaining Your Account

Since social media communications tools are used for official Buffalo State business, it is imperative to maintain and update your site regularly.

Managers of current Buffalo State-affiliated accounts are encouraged to refer to:

Social Media Guidelines

Accessibility standards

Maintaining Social Media Content

Naming Conventions

Institution-approved accounts at the department and office levels are to follow consistent naming conventions:

Handle/URL: @BuffStateDepartmentName

Display Name: Buffalo State Department/Office Name


Site Administrators

  • Administrator (admin) rights for institution-approved social media accounts should be assigned to official university employees only. 
  • All sites should have at least two designated administrators as a fail-safe should the primary administrator become unavailable for any reason.


Site Reviews

Reviews and Remediation

Regular reviews of all institution-approved social media accounts will be conducted by the Marketing and Communications Office. 

Items under review:

  • Active status: Institution-approved social media accounts should remain active all 12 months of the year, including during student breaks.
  • Content; 
  • Branding elements including names, representation, and icons; 
  • Multiple or dormant accounts; and more. 

If any institution-approved social media account is found to be consistently inactive, Marketing and Communications will contact the registered administrator(s) to deactivate the account. 

Departments or areas that can no longer support their accounts should close the appropriate institution-approved social media accounts and promptly notify Marketing and Communications at

After Your Review

Following the review, Marketing and Communications may contact areas or representatives responsible for managing social media with suggestions and recommendations related to content, including display names, handles, branding, active status, account consolidation, and registration. Unregistered accounts will be automatically removed from the directory at the conclusion of the audit.