Maintaining Social Media Content

Digital engagement is a powerful platform to share Buffalo State stories with past, present, and future Bengals and our community. It is imperative to maintain and update your site regularly.

Make Your Storytelling Shine

  • Keep your network up to date and active. This includes providing consistent posting schedules as well as timely responses to feedback and comments.
  • Include photos, videos, or GIFs.
  • Be respectful. Interact with the audience by responding to comments your users leave on the site. Offer comments on interesting posts and share relevant audience stories. Do not engage in arguments or tolerate inappropriate comments.
  • Follow and reinforce Buffalo State’s mission, core values, and voice.
  • Think about the content you are about to post. Be accurate. Proofread. Ensure that content is relevant and credible. Give credit where credit is due by linking to stories or appropriate sources.
  • Drive traffic and include source material. Just as with a bibliography in a report, readers should be given a place to check the validity of information you are sharing.
  • Obey the terms of use for your social media platform. Stay current on the latest rules and policies as they change.
  • Cross-promote whenever possible. See the Social Media Directory for a list of institution-approved social media accounts.
  • Share official, institutional, and presidential announcements only after they have first been released through official Buffalo State social media accounts. Once these announcements have been posted on official Buffalo State channels, other institution-approved social media accounts are free to share.
  • Monitor comments posted to each social media presence and respond appropriately, including the removal of any content that is deemed to be threatening, obscene, a violation of intellectual property rights, a violation of privacy or copyright laws, or otherwise injurious or illegal.
  • Regularly review your site’s metrics. This will help you understand how you can improve your communications and provide your audience with desirable content.

Tools to Help

Social Media Guidelines

This guide covers important rules on maintaining a professional and accessible site, including moderator and emergency guidelines.

Social Media Guidelines


Institution-approved social media accounts must be accessible, and available in a format accessible to users with disabilities, in compliance with SUNY policies and federal and state laws and regulations. Please read the guidelines on accessibility before posting.

Social Media Accessibility