Believe. Inspire. Achieve.

These three words capture the progression of each student’s journey at the college—starting with belief in one’s potential, continuing with inspiration from our diverse and creative campus’s faculty and staff, and culminating with the achievement of a life-changing degree—and beyond as a Buffalo State College alumnus.

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Education works best when powered by confidence and a positive attitude. When students believe in themselves—and that belief is bolstered by the encouragement of caring Buffalo State faculty and staff members—great things can happen!


Buffalo State’s wonderfully diverse and creative environment motivates students to make the most of their college experience inside and outside the classroom. Active learning among a peer group of engaged and community-minded learners inspires great thinking and doing.


Each student finds the support and resources at Buffalo State to achieve their goals. Students graduate from Buffalo State with a valuable degree and are prepared to pursue professional and personal success. Achievements continue through our more than 100,000 alumni throughout the world.

Using the Creative Theme

Our creative theme will be used in admissions recruitment materials as well as in brand awareness campaigns, marketing initiatives, and general promotional items.

Running text usage: In running text (used in a sentence), capitalize the first letter of each word, follow each word with a period, and use a single space between the words; all three words are bolded and italicized.


Buffalo State introduced the Believe. Inspire. Achieve. creative theme in 2019.

Word order: Use the words in this order only: Believe. (first) Inspire. (second) Achieve. (third)

Display and logotype usage: Please download and use the official creative theme logos.