Site Analytics

The Marketing and Communications web team can provide site managers with Google Analytics reports. You'll be able to see traffic, user and page data.


Total number of sessions (one single visit to your site, including all pages viewed) for a selected term.

Unique Pageviews

  • The number of individual visitors who have looked at your pages.
  • If a single user views 5 times on a link, the server will record 5 views and 1 unique view.

Average Time on Page

  • Average length of all site visits combined.
  • Industry standard is 2-3 minutes, but this can be highly changeable based on page/site content.


The page a user begins a new session on.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of visitors who enter the page/site and then leave, as opposed to staying and interacting with it
Is a high bounce rate good/bad? It depends! If people are getting what they need from your homepage, then no. 

45% or lower is an industry standard for a good bounce rate.

% Exit

How often users end their session or leave the site after viewing that particular page.
100% of site users will eventually exit your site. The Exit Rate tells you which page they got to and then left.